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The mission of the North Carolina Athletic Administrators' Association is to take a leadership role in athletic issues to enhance the educational process for student-athletes. The NCADA serves its members by providing resources to develop and enhance leadership skills, developing mentorship programs for new athletic administrators and offering numerous opportunities for personal/professional growth.

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Congratulations! We raised our NIAAA membership by 28% in 2016.  Let's continue to raise the bar in 2017. 

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Registration is Open for the 2017 NCADA State Conference

"46 Years of Inspiring Leadership"  

April 2nd-April 5th, 2017 at the Hilton Riverside in WIlmington

The ​North ​Carolina ​Athletic ​Directors ​Association ​are ​excited ​to ​be ​headed back ​to ​Wilmington. ​ ​This ​46th ​Annual ​State ​Conference ​will ​host ​more ​than ​450 ​active, ​and ​retired ​athletic ​directors, ​spouses, ​guests ​and ​exhibitors.

The ​NCADA ​State ​Conference ​is ​one ​of ​the ​country’s ​premier ​conferences, ​allowing ​athletic ​directors ​from ​across ​the ​state ​and ​Section ​III ​an ​opportunity ​to ​network ​with ​their ​peers ​and ​gain ​insight ​and ​motivation ​to ​return ​home ​to ​administer ​programs ​with ​new ​knowledge, ​information ​and ​enthusiasm.

As ​athletic ​director, ​you ​are ​the ​key ​to ​success ​within ​your ​athletic ​department ​in ​your ​community. ​ ​Your ​ability ​to ​lead ​by ​example ​sets ​the ​standards ​and ​expectations ​of ​your ​coaching ​staff, ​student-athletes, ​parents ​and ​community ​members. ​ ​It’s ​by ​setting ​standards ​of ​excellence ​that ​education ​based ​athletics ​continue ​to ​prosper. ​We ​appreciate ​your ​contributions ​to ​this ​profession ​and ​applaud ​you ​for ​making ​a ​career ​choice ​to ​work ​with ​interscholastic ​student-athletes. ​ ​

Thanks ​for ​the ​work ​you ​do.

Early Registration (1/2/17-2/28/17) is open.

You can pay online by e-check or credit card or pay offline by check payable to:


PO Box 15307

Wilmington, NC 28408

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