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Todd Gongwer to Kickoff the 2020 State Conference

Todd Gongwer, Best Selling Author (Lead for God's Sake)  and National Speaker will be our Keynote Speaker for the Opening General Session.

NCADA State Conference

More Information to come..

Benton Convention Center
425 North Cherry Street

Winston-Salem, N.C. 27101

Contact Information

Roy Turner, CMAA, CIC, JMCC
Phone: 910-409-4787


Leadership Lunch and Learn Speaker

More Information to Come....

FCA Speaker

Welcome to the NCADA State Conference website. Here you will find all the information about this year's event, registration, agendas, workshops, and much more.

Welcome to the NCADA State Conference website. Here you will find all the information about this year's event, registration, agendas, workshops, and much more.

The NCADA State Conference is one of the country’s premier conferences, allowing athletic directors from across the state and Section III an opportunity to network with their peers and gain insight and motivation to return home to administer programs with new knowledge, information, and enthusiasm.

2021 NCADA State Conference Update 

The Executive Board of the NCADA met this past Friday, 1/15, to discuss our options for 2021.  After much discussion and recommendations, due to the continuing pandemic, we are going to postpone our State Athletic Directors Conference from March 21st until July 18th and try to do a face-to-face program in conjunction with the NCCA (North Carolina Coaches Association) in Greensboro. 

NCADA Professional Development Academy

We will be hosting our second online Virtual Professional Development Academy the week of May 10th - May 13th. We will be offering Seven Leadership Training Courses (502, 503, 504, 510, 611, 628 (New Mental Health), and 715 from Noon until 4 pm.  Each class costs $125 for NCADA members. The course fee includes the digital course manual, Continued Education Units, and a certificate of attendance. Each course will be taught by trained and experienced NCADA State Faculty and NIAAA National Faculty members. Registration for the NCADA Spring Professional Development Academy will open on Monday, 2/15/21. The courses offered during the Spring PDA and Summer State Conference will allow athletic administrators an opportunity to earn their CAA certification by July (501, 503, 503, 504, 506). NIAAA Certification


The NIAAA is also offering Spring Webinars online beginning in March. 

To meet the needs of individuals who desire to enhance their knowledge of interscholastic athletic administration and cannot attend the national conference or state conference, the NIAAA seasonally offers selected courses in a webinar format. Our webinars offer the opportunity to take courses from the comforts of the office or home and receive the same quality instruction, interaction, and networking opportunities as is provided in a classroom setting. Each webinar costs $125 for members and $210 for non-members. The course fee includes the digital course manual and an acknowledgment of course completion. Each course is taught by trained and experienced faculty. Registration is open now.

Click here for more information on NIAAA Webinars and Online Courses.

Summer State Hybrid Conference

We will be offering Five Leadership Training Courses (501, 506, 508, 610, and 720) in Greensboro in July. The theme of this year’s conference, “2021, The Best One Yet" is a clear and powerful message to not only our athletic staff and athletes but to everyone that interscholastic athletic programs touch. The continuous improvement and re-visioning of the purpose and mission of our school-based athletic programs have never been more critical in North Carolina. Our state conference agenda will provide you with an opportunity to network with the “Best of the Best” in North Carolina. Our opening General Session speaker will be Todd Gongwer, "Lead for God's Sake" best-selling author, coach, and speaker.  

We realize that budgetary limitations may impact some decisions related to your professional development. However, financial constraints should never be an excuse for curtailing professional growth. Some of the most important lessons and ideas you can learn come from the simple task of networking in professional seminars and learning communities like our state NCADA Conference. We urge each of you to view this as a “can’t miss” opportunity to best your best and bring out the best in others.

Joining the NCADA

Becoming a member of one of the nation’s leading state athletic directors association has tremendous benefits professionally, personally, and financially.  To become a member, follow the instructions, below. 

If you have NOT registered for your NCADA Association Membership Platform (also known as your AMP Account), click here to request an account confirmation request. You will receive an email from the AMP Mailman inviting you to join the NCADA as a Dual Member (NCADA/NIAAA).

Please continue the great work you provide our young people and communities across North Carolina by re-energizing your focus and commitment to the pursuit of excellence in 2021.

Thanks for the positive difference you continue to make!