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Hall of Fame

NCADA Hall of Fame

The NCADA Hall of Fame was created to honor Athletic Administrators who had exemplary careers in athletic administration both prior to as well as after the formation of the National Certification Process. Selection to the NCADA Athletic Administrators Hall of Fame is a three-step process including nomination, rated by the Selection Committee and finally, the NCADA Board of Directors selects those individuals to be inducted. This honor is the highest an athletic administrator can receive from the NCADA for his/her contributions and accomplishments at the local, state and national level. Further, this award sets a standard for athletic administrators to emulate.

The first induction ceremony was held in March of 1995 at the Sheraton Inn in Atlantic Beach.

Class of 1995 Class of 1996 Class of 1997 Class of 1998
Charlie Adams Willie Bradshaw Everett "Shu" Carlton Jim Blake
Russell Blunt Leon Brogden William "Bill" Eutsler Wat Holyfield
Norma Harbin Mike Brown Gilbert Ferrell Carroll King
Dave Harris Jack Groce Thell B. Overman Benny Pearce
Bud Phillips Red Hoffman Ruth R. Pool Jerry McGee
Tony Simeon Homer Thompson Dudley Whitley
Class of 1999 Class of 2000 Class of 2001 Class of 2002
Dave Johnson Don Patrick Carl Bolick Dick Knox
Glenn Nixon Bill Carver Herman Bryson Jack Musten
George Whitfield Simon Terrell Chip Gill Don Saine
Bob Sawyer Ed Peeler Sue Shinn
Class of 2003 Class of 2004 Class of 2005 Class of 2006
Tim Brayboy Mac Cumbo Tunney Brooks Cheryl Brewer
E.A. "Spike" Corbin Roger Dixon Paul Gay Mac Morris
Richard Murray Bruce Deitz Joel Long Phil Weaver
Roger Thrift Jim Hayes Dave Thomas
Hilda Worthington Deborah Jones
Class of 2007 Class of 2008 Class of 2009 Class of 2010
Ralph Halloway, Jr. Tom Brown Bob Catapano Bruce Hardin
Harold Robinson, Jr. Vicki Hamilton Sandra Langley Marion Kirby
Doyle Whitfield Joe White Shelly Marsh Que Tucker
Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2014
Guy Mendenhall Herb Goins Catherine Armwood David Rothwell
Joe Miller Leroy Holden Ronnie Chavis Ralph Shatterly
Carolyn Shannonhouse Babe Howell Fred McDaniel David Vaughn
Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Sheila Boles Charlie Chapman Rick Strunk David Ball
Bob Dailey Greg Clewis Roy Turner Donnie Baxter
Bobby Guthrie Robert (Bob) Henry Steve Rankin
Frank Maennle Rex Wells
Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022
Bobby Hill Angie Miller
Rusty Lee Chris Roehner
Larry McDonald
Marc Payne
Jimmy Tillman