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14 Legal Duties of Athletics

Over the past 30 years, through thousands of lawsuits, the courts have defined and continued to define the legal duties of the coach. These duties may change as sport litigation continues unabatedly over the years. The NIAAA, NFHS, the Coalition of Americans to Protect Sports and the National Association for Sports and Physical Education all recognize these fourteen duties.  Your fourteen legal duties are:
  • Duty 1: Properly plan the activity.
  • Duty 2: Supervise the activity closely 
  • Duty 3: Provide a safe physical environment.
  • Duty 4: Evaluate athletes for injury or incapacity 
  • Duty 5: Provide adequate and proper equipment.
  • Duty 6: Provide proper instruction.
  • Duty 7: Duty to condition properly
  • Duty 8: Warn of inherent risks.
  • Duty 9: Provide Emergency Care
  • Duty 10: Design an Emergency Response Plan
  • Duty 11: To Select Train and Supervise Coaches
  • Duty 12: To Match/Equate Athletes
  • Duty 13: To Provide Safe transportation
  • Duty 14: To Provide Insurance Disclosure  

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