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Joining the NCADA

The North Carolina Athletic Directors' Association values your efforts and expertise, and would like you to consider joining our organization as an advocate for school athletic programs throughout the state.

Please consider joining us on our mission to take a leadership role in athletic issues to enhance the educational process for student-athletes. The NCADA serves its members by providing resources to develop and enhance leadership skills, developing mentorship programs for new athletic administrators and offering numerous opportunities for personal/professional growth.

The annual state conference is held the week before Easter and draws approximately 50 vendors with an average of 350+ conference attendees. Additionally, the NCADA provides Leadership Training Courses to membership at several regional events, the state conference during the school year as well as a Summer Leadership Academy. The NCADA works closely with the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA), North Carolina Coaches Association (NCCA), National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) on numerous projects throughout the year and assists in the certification process of interscholastic coaches and athletic administrators.

By becoming a member of our organization, you will enjoy the opportunity to network, as well as educational leadership and professional development opportunities through NIAAA classes, the NCADA Newsletter, the Annual State Conference and the Summer Leadership Academy.

Join the NCADA, become an active member and begin to experience the many benefits of this professional organization.

Become a Member Today

Becoming a member of the one of the nation’s leading state athletic directors association has tremendous benefits professionally, personally, and financially.  To become a member, follow the instructions, below.

Step 1: If you have NOT registered for your NCADA Association Membership Platform (also known as your AMP Account), click here to request an account confirmation request. You will receive an email from the AMP Mailman inviting you to join the NCADA as a Dual Member (NCADA/NIAAA).

Step 2: Confirmation Email

  1. Click the ‘click here to confirm your account’ link
  2. Enter and confirm your password
  3. Login to AMP to:
    1. Update Membership and Contact Information
    2. View/Update Your Forms (personal profile, school, sports, classes, etc.)
    3. Register for the Conference and LTI Courses
    4. Communicate with fellow ADs

Why the NIAAA?

Athletic Administrators consistently contribute the longest days among staff members in most American school districts. The second work day begins when the regular school day ends, and what has been planned, organized and implemented by the athletic administrator, goes into action. Whether an athletic administrator, assistant principal in charge of athletics, athletic director, coordinator, liaison or supervisor; there is a delicate balance among profession, personal time, and family, as the “AD” provides student participation opportunities within education-based athletic programs.

How does being a part of a professional association fit a busy lifestyle? What does this professional organization provide that will assist in adding order to a sometimes hectic schedule? How can individuals with a heart for helping others succeed be assured they are affiliated with a like-minded group? Why the NIAAA?

As we lead each day in school communities helping build tomorrow’s future, each of us understands and relies on such qualities as integrity, credibility, and a shared mission. These practical and often emotional criteria are ones that assist in determining in what areas we will rely on, share experiences, and devote time and energy.

The NIAAA champions the profession of administering athletic programs in our nation’s high schools and middle schools. No other body values, promotes, preserves, supports and stands ready to uplift the cause of the athletic administrator, as does the NIAAA. Providing education, leadership and service platforms allow the NIAAA to best help colleagues network, choose from resources, draw from practices and give back to your profession while advancing in one’s career.

NIAAA Membership
If you are involved in administering interscholastic athletics at either the high school, middle school or junior high level, you should join the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. The NIAAA is a national professional organization administered by and for athletic administrators for the purpose of:

  • Promoting the professional growth and image of interscholastic athletic administrators
  • Promoting the development and prestige of state athletic administrators’ organizations which will contribute, in cooperation with state high school associations, to the interscholastic athletic program of each state
  • Providing an efficient system for the exchange of ideas between the National Federation of State High School Associations and state athletic directors organizations and individual athletic administrators
  • Preserving the educational nature of interscholastic athletics and the place of these programs in the curricula of schools

NIAAA Membership Categories

  1. Regular ($80) -anyone employed by a school or school district or state association who has among their duties the administration of interscholastic athletics
  2. Retired ($30) -any person retired from athletic administration and who has been a regular member of the NIAAA. Retired members do not receive the liability insurance benefit
  3. Lifetime, Regular ($800) -available to anyone who qualifies as a regular member
  4. Lifetime, Retired ($300) -available to anyone who qualifies as a retired member
  5. Associate ($80) -anyone who is involved in athletic administration or school administration at any level or anyone who is a student or instructor in athletic administration
  6. Student ($15) -any degree-seeking person enrolled in college undergraduate classes associated with education or athletic administration, management or marketing. Student members receive all benefits afforded a regular member except insurance benefits and holding office

Insurance Benefits
The NIAAA provides membership a number of insurance benefits.

Liability Insurance -the NIAAA provides each regular member excess liability coverage up to $2,000,000. Excess means coverage beyond any other coverage the member has through his/her employer. This liability insurance covers any suits for claims involving bodily injury or property damage. This liability does not cover suits for discrimination, wrongful suspension of a coach or athlete or any other claim not involving bodily injury or property damage. Suits for such claims occurring during the course of employment would have to be covered by the employer. (NOTE: NIAAA members serving on the NIAAA Board or NIAAA Committees are covered under the NIAAA’s Directors and Officers Policy) For additional information go to the Bollinger Insurance website at

Term Life Insurance -the NIAAA provides $2,500 term life insurance for any current member with exception of student members. The benefit is paid to the surviving spouse or to the estate (if no surviving spouse) unless a beneficiary form has been completed and sent to the NIAAA office. Should the insured prefer to specify a beneficiary, please download and complete a beneficiary form. Mail the completed form to the NIAAA office at 9100 Keystone Crossing, Suite 650, Indianapolis, IN 46240. All members (except student members) are eligible for this life insurance as long as they were a current member of the NIAAA upon their death. For additional information go to the Bollinger Insurance website
AFLAC Excess Accident and Cancer Insurance -All NIAAA members are entitled to purchase AFLAC Accident and/or Cancer Insurance at discounted association group rates.

Long-Term Health Care Insurance -All NIAAA members are entitled to purchase long-term health care insurance at discounted association group rates. The insurance is offered by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. A number of different policy options are available.

Membership Dues

NCADA/NIAAA Dual Membership Dues:

Type of Membership

Current Fees

Landing Fee

Active Administrator



Retired Administrator



Lifetime NIAAA Member







Why Join the NCADA?


  • Members will receive the NCADA electronic newsletter.
  • Members can attend Annual State NCADA Conference at a discounted rate
  • Members will receive a discount on each Leadership Training Course taken
  • Members will receive special invitations to events during the State Conference, Summer Leadership Academy, and Fall Symposium
  • Members will have access to the statewide list-serve.
  • Receive research expressing the importance of education-based athletics.
  • Direct communication with members through social media.
  • Opportunity to nominate students from your school for the Jerry McGee Scholarship annually
  • Opportunity for state/national recognition through the NCADA/NIAAA Awards Program


  • Members will have direct linkage with the NIAAA and NIAAA professional development training.
  • Members will be eligible for awards program (annual recognition by peers).
  • Members can pursue leadership opportunities within the NCADA at the region and/or state levels.
  • Members may serve and/or receive Athletic Administration mentoring.
  • Access to Public Service Announcements available from the NIAAA and NCHSAA


  • Members are provided consistent support and training to preserve the educational nature of interscholastic athletics and maintain the place of these programs in the curricula of schools.
  • Members can assume a primary leadership role in the promotion of Professional Growth/Certification in North Carolina.
  • Members will be able to network with other professionally-driven athletic administrators.
  • Members will have opportunities to be published in NCADA newsletter and online forums.
  • Members are provided a direct voice to the NCHSAA and Board of Directors.


  • Dedicated information and program offerings.
  • Direct links to NCADA key affiliates.
  • Registration for the Annual State Conference and Summer Leadership Academy.
  • Membership downloads and information updates.
  • Archived NCADA Newsletters.
  • State and Region Leadership Directory.
  • The Role of the Principal in Interscholastic Athletics-Freel 12-minute video to share with school administrators as to their vital role in promoting school-based athletics in your school and community. Produced in cooperation with the NASSP and the NFHS.
  • Listings (webinar and In-person) of Professional Development/Leadership Training opportunities for athletic administrators.

NIAAA Membership Benefits

  • Interscholastic Athletic Administration, a quarterly professional journal written by and for athletic administrators
  • High School Today, a monthly NFHS publication includes information on national issues affecting interscholastic athletics and activity programs
  • $2,000,000 liability insurance while performing the duties of an athletic administrator
  • $2500 term life insurance
  • Ability to purchase Long Term Health Care at discount rates
  • Ability to purchase excess Cancer Insurance and Accident Insurance at discount rates
  • Discount on registration fees for the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for high school directors of athletics
  • Opportunities to serve on national committees
  • Exclusive $10 per year subscription to receive online From the Gym to the Jury publication that includes current legal rulings related to athletics (Subscribe at and select “Subscribe Now” -Subscription code is NIAAA)
  • Opportunity to nominate students from your school for the NIAAA Scholarship annually
  • Opportunity for national recognition through the NIAAA Awards Program